Message Handler


When you run a Parallel Job , any error messages and warnings are written to an error log and can be viewed from the director . You can choose to handle specified errors in a different way by creating one or more message handlers. A message handler defines rules about how to handle messages generated when a parallel job us running . You can , for example , use one to specify that certain types of message should not be written to the log.

Project Level: Handled at the Datastage Administrator and this applies to all parallel jobs with in the specified project.

Job Level : From the designer and Manager you can specify that any existing handler should apply to a specific apply to a specific job when you compile the job, the handler is included in the job executable as a local handler.

You can view, edit, or delete Message Handler from the Message Handler Manager. You can also define new handlers if you are familiar with the message IDS ( although note that Datastage will not know whether such messages are warnings or informational). The preferred way of defining new handlers is by using the add to rule message handler feature.