What type of data available in Datawarehouse?

What type of data available in Datawarehouse?
Data in the Datawarehouse comes from the client systems.Data that you are using to manage your business is very important to do the manupulations according to the client requirements.
  • The Data available in the Data Warehouse are Historical Data, which time varied, technically the aim of Data Warehouse it to separate the Daily Transactional Data and Historical Data.
    The Data from Various Source Systems are Integrated and made it available in Data Warehouse.
    For Example: If it is Banking Data Warehouse, which is built from Data Mart (Bottom-Top approach) then it will have the Data Mart data integrated in the Data Warehouse and CEO or Business can view the Multiple Department data in a Single view by pointing one single environment.

  • There are several parking spots to accommodate loading and what not and there are several trolleys available to move small and large items in and out of storage unit.